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About the Convention

Welsh Assembly Government

About the Convention

The public consultation period ended on the 21st August 2009 and the report was submitted to the Welsh Assembly Governement on November 18th 2009. We would like to thank everybody who contributed to the debate. The work of the All Wales Convention is now complete, but this website will remain as a record of our work.

The basic purpose of the Convention is to:

  • Increase understanding of how the National Assembly works at the moment;
  • Ask you what you think about the National Assembly for Wales having more law-making powers;
  • Report back to the Welsh Assembly Government at the end of the debate.

A more detailed list of the Convention's aims are available on our 'Objectives' page.

Who are the convention?

This section of pages tells you about the Executive Committee, the Chair of that Committee and the people working day to day for the convention.

Everyone involved in the Convention is eager to hear your contribution.  Read the facts and arguments in Get informed.  Afterwards, contribute to the debate in a variety of ways in Get engaged.

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The options are either to retain the current powers or to move towards full law making powers, which would require a referendum.
We’ve pulled together some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers into this area of the site.