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Alex Aldridge

Welsh Assembly Government

Alex Aldridge

Alex Aldridge was nominated by The Welsh Labour Party

Alex AldridgeWhere were you born and brought up?

Born and bred in Flint a true Flinter or Flintstone, which ever takes your fancy? I came into this world in the front room (parlour if your posh) of a terraced house called 185 Chester Road. One of 8 children 5 sisters 2 brothers mother and father Frank and Prudy sadly no longer with us but I am left with memories that you can't put a price on.


I have been married to Annette for 38 years. Annette is a local  Town Councillor, a serving Magistrate and works in the local community hospital. I have 1 daughter Stephanie who is a Local Government Officer specialising in the Disability Discrimination Act.  I have a son Ian who is a time served welder and machinist he is also a propulsion technician having served nearly 8 years in the RAF currently he works at Airbus. He was 2 times Welsh ABA champion as well a 2 times Combined Services Champion. He is an open class boxer with a distinguished career.

Tell us about you career:

I have undertaken all kinds of jobs from milkman, government trainee in joinery and carpentry, to finally settling down working in the maintenance department British Steel Shotton. I have always had strong links with the trade union being a union rep on many occasions. I joined the Labour Party over 30 years ago and have been an active member all through that period.

What are your interests and hobbies?

As you would expect I have a great interest in Politics, I like reading autobiographies, Films, music of all kinds. My hobbies are caravanning, football the mighty reds of course Man Utd - champions again! - golf, boxing.

What are you most proud of?

When I first sought office as a elected Councillor and was given a vote of confidence via the ballot box by the people I have lived with in the town of my birthplace - the feeling is indescribable. Secondly receiving my OBE from HRH Prince Charles with my family proudly looking on.

Tell us something about yourself that nobody else would know?

Dare not tell you, they would re-introduce mandatory transportation to the colonies.

If you were an animal, what would you be?

Elephant, strong family links, no natural enemy except man of course what do you expect!

Which three people (dead or alive) would you invite over for dinner?

Muhammed Ali the greatest ever, Nelson Mandela one of kind, Bill Clinton one of the shrewdest politicians that has ever been.

Why did you want be on the All Wales Convention Executive Committee?

I honestly believe that my life's experiences both good and indifferent can have a bearing no matter how small on the critical work being undertaken by all those who have freely given up there time to be part of this team. More importantly however will be our final deliberations; because quite clearly if certain judgements are made the landscape of devolved government may dramatically change irrevocably.

What would you like to say to the people of Wales about the All Wales Convention?

Message to the people of Wales - they made a momentous decision several years ago when agreeing to establish an Assembly Government here in Wales for the people of Wales. The next phase in this evolutionary process of representation is being prepared by the convention for public examination, scrutiny and comment and it may result in them being required  to make a statement of intent that could fundamentally change  the whole representative landscape and it is essential their voices are heard and are thus duly recorded. Only then can the convention be sure that any subsequent recommendation it proposes is based on sound information.  Please participate.