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Welsh Assembly Government


The All Wales Convention’s objectives are defined by the Terms of Reference, set by the First Minister and Deputy First Minister and based on the recommendations of the Establishing Committee

The Executive Committee's job is to guide the Convention’s work, in line with the Terms of Reference, with the aim of generating a widespread and well-informed debate on devolution and the issue of the Assembly’s powers.  Ultimately, the Executive Committee will need to analyse the views of the Welsh public, expressed through the debate, assess the level of public support for primary law making powers for the Assembly, and report to the Welsh Assembly Government by the end of 2009.

The full Terms of Reference are as follows:

  • Raise awareness and improve understanding of the current arrangements for devolved government in Wales and of the provisions of Part 4 of the Government of Wales Act 2006, and their future implications for the governance of Wales.
  • Facilitate and stimulate a widespread, thorough and participative consultation on all levels of Welsh society on the issue of primary law making powers.
  • Prepare an analysis of the views expressed and the evidence presented through this process.
  • Assess the level of public support for giving the National Assembly for Wales primary law making powers.
  • Report to the One Wales Government on its findings, with recommendations relevant to the holding of a referendum.

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The options are either to retain the current powers or to move towards full law making powers, which would require a referendum.