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Ann in Abergele

Welsh Assembly Government

Ann in Abergele

Ann BeamsonAnn Beamson from Abergele recently attended the public event in Denbigh and she took to the microphone to express her strong views on the Assembly and why she is happy for the Assembly to stick with having powers gradually, step by step:

I thought the All Wales Convention event was very good and I heard a lot of different opinions. I think people are reluctant to take to the microphone but once they do, they express themselves well.

She thinks that the Welsh Assembly Government should be doing more for the elderly, especially those suffering from health problems and who live alone:

We’re very fortunate to have a Glan Clwyd hospital within 3 miles. The standards of cleanliness have got better. I had major surgery recently and was moved to a newer part of the hospital which was very clean. I was then transferred to a community hospital in Colwyn Bay where I received excellent treatment and then I had carers looking after me at home who were also very good.

However, as I live on my own and have arthritis in all my joints, I am unable prepare food and do daily tasks and I believe it would cost me £60 a week for me to employ a carer to come and help me every day. It’s like we are left to our own devices and no one will support the elderly. I think we should get more support. There must be people in worse financial positions than I am and there is no help out there for people like us.

Ann feels that the Welsh Assembly Government don’t do enough for north Wales either:

I don’t consider north Wales to be sufficiently covered by the Assembly at all. We feel forgotten with everything happening down in Cardiff Bay.

Where is the WAG building in Llandudno Junction? People in north Wales are losing jobs, the A470 road from north to south is terrible and even though there is a daily aeroplane from Cardiff to Valley on Anglesey, that plane comes from Scotland! Why is this?

I also think North Wales Police need to prioritise their spending. My friend worked for the police for years but then made redundant because Richard Brunstrom wanted police horses. What good are horses? We need men on the beat. We need to resolve problems like this and they should see what’s profitable and what’s not.

North Wales farmers are also getting a raw deal too.  Welsh farms are still haunted by the Chernobyl disaster and sheep in Wales remain affected by radioactive fall-out and are still under restricted movement. Farmers in Snowdonia must still abide by government-imposed restrictions on the movement and sale of sheep whose meat contains more than permitted levels of radioactivity and financial loss continues to blight them!”

I don’t think the Assembly is ready to have full law-making powers in one go and I don’t think we should run before we can walk. It needs to prove itself first.

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The public consultation period drew to a close on August 21st 2009.
We would like to thank everybody who took the time to contribute to the debate through our online forum.