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Rhian in Caerphilly

Welsh Assembly Government

Rhian in Caerphilly

Rhian Dolloway is a recycling enthusiast.

She recycles online via a website she raves about, She’s so committed she’s planning to become one of their volunteers, so that she can help others benefit from recycling. She’s managed to kit out her flat from some items that other people have finished with. According to Rhian, it’s an amazing tool to have in the credit crunch.

With regard to the National Assembly for Wales, Rhian is a black and white thinker. She’s an all or nothing girl. She says she’s not particularly interested in politics, just in topics that are close to her heart such as the Welsh language and safeguarding the environment:

I’ve seen a lot of improvement in the teaching of the Welsh language over recent years, but people’s negative attitudes towards the language make me sad. I come across people who are proud to be Welsh but then aren’t interested in the Welsh language or its culture. I just don’t understand that. I’m totally in favour of Welsh medium education and would certainly send any children I may have to a Welsh school.

I’ve done a lot of travelling and get annoyed when people call me English. Wales has its own rugby team, like England and Scotland, so why can’t we be seen as different nations? Scotland has its own parliament, so why can’t we in Wales have the same powers as the Scots?

I want to see the National Assembly holding a referendum for more devolved powers and would think that everyone should take the opportunity to get involved in the debate. We’re all equal and are equally entitled to have our say.

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The public consultation period drew to a close on August 21st 2009.
We would like to thank everybody who took the time to contribute to the debate through our online forum.