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Welsh Assembly Government

Get informed

The public consultation period ended on the 21st August 2009 and the report was submitted to the Welsh Assembly Governement on November 18th 2009. We would like to thank everybody who contributed to the debate. The work of the All Wales Convention is now complete, but this website will remain as a record of our work.

The debate about the Assembly's powers is for everyone, as the use of the Assembly's powers has the potential to affect everyone's lives in areas as diverse as health, education, the environment, the economy, rural affairs, culture and sport - and that is far from the full list!

We want as many people in Wales as possible to understand what the Convention is all about and take part in it, so that you can join in the big debate about devolved government and lawmaking in Wales.

Here you'll find the options for devolution set out for you to understand what is currently available and what a move to law-making powers could mean.

There are a number of ways you can tell us what you think so far - visit the 'have your say' section to find out more.

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The options are either to retain the current powers or to move towards full law making powers, which would require a referendum.