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Social Research Report – First Phase Findings

Welsh Assembly Government

Social Research Report – First Phase Findings

The All Wales Convention commissioned an independent research agency, GfKNOP, to conduct research that will help support its work.

The main aim of the research is to help the communications work of the All Wales Convention, as well as inform the recommendations of the Convention.

The research is being conducted over two stages. The findings in this report relate to the first stage of the research only.  The second stage of the research is currently underway and final results will be reported in autumn 2009.

This stage gives both statistical and in-depth information about people’s awareness of and attitudes towards the Assembly’s powers.  The report also discusses ways in which people would like to receive information about the Assembly’s role and the powers it has now, and may have in the future.

The results of baseline research reveal 73% of Welsh people favour some form of devolved government in Wales. Looking to the future, and a possible referendum:

  • 48% said that they would support giving the National Assembly for Wales full law-making powers
  • 35% would vote against
  • 13% undecided
  • 2% would not vote at all

To read the full report on the first phase findings, download the document below.

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