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Twenty Policy Areas

Welsh Assembly Government

Twenty Policy Areas

The National Assembly in Cardiff, made up of 60 elected Assembly Members, is able to make some laws in the same way as Parliament in London.

However, while Parliament’s laws can apply across the UK and are wide ranging, the National Assembly’s powers to make laws are limited: they are specific to Wales, and they get the powers gradually, step by step through a process of agreement with the UK Parliament.

There are some areas where the Assembly cannot ask for law-making powers – they can only ask for powers in the 20 defined policy areas set out in the 2006 Act.

In case you were wondering… the 20 policy areas are:

  • Agriculture, fisheries, forestry and rural development
  • Ancient monuments and historic buildings
  • Culture
  • Economic development
  • Education and training
  • Environment
  • Fire and rescue services and promotion of fire safety
  • Food
  • Health and health services
  • Highways and transport
  • Housing
  • Local government
  • National Assembly for Wales
  • Public Administration
  • Social Welfare
  • Sport and recreation
  • Tourism
  • Town and country planning
  • Water and flood defence
  • Welsh language