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Social Research Report and Executive Summary

Welsh Assembly Government

Social Research Report and Executive Summary

The All Wales Convention commissioned an independent research agency, GfK NOP, to conduct research that helped support its work.

The main aim of the research was to provide evidence about people's views on the law-making powers of the Assembly to inform the recommendations of the All Wales Convention, and to help inform the communications work of the Convention.

The research was conducted over two stages, between November 2008 and July 2009, using both discussion groups to explore issues in detail, and telephone surveys to provide statistical information.

The final report, which brings together the findings of both stages of the research is now available.  It gives both statistical and in-depth information about public awareness of the Assembly's existing law-making powers, the public's views on the way Wales is governed now, and their views on proposals for additional law-making powers in the future.

The results of the second wave of our research revealed:

  • 72% of the people in our survey stated that they favoured the present settlement or somewhat increased devolution.
  • When asked how they would vote in a referendum on further powers, 47% would vote for a move to Part 4, whilst 37% would vote against

To read the full report please download the document below.

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The report into the findings of the All Wales Convention’s public consultation was presented to the First Minister and Deputy First Minister on November 18th 2009.
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