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The Report and Executive Summary

Welsh Assembly Government

The Report and Executive Summary

The report into the findings of the All Wales Convention’s public consultation was presented to the First Minister and Deputy First Minister on November 18th 2009.

The report covers the issues raised with us in the course of our extensive consultation with the people of Wales. We held public events and evidence gathering sessions across Wales, and invited people to engage through our website, receiving close to 3,000 views from organisations and members of the public. We have rigorously and impartially scrutinised all of the evidence and this has formed the basis for our report, and the recommendations and conclusions contained within it. We therefore commend them to the Welsh Assembly Government and believe that they deserve serious consideration by all involved in the governance of Wales.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to contribute to the debate.

To read the report or executive summary please click on the document download below

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