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It's the final countdown…it’s time to twitter!

Welsh Assembly Government

It's the final countdown…it’s time to twitter!

As the All Wales Convention marks the first anniversary of its first executive committee meeting this month, it also has started the countdown to the end of the Convention’s devolution debate.

By 21 August the Convention wants to hear from you on whether the National Assembly for Wales should be given more law-making powers.

The Convention will draw the public consultation to a close at the National Eisteddfod of Wales, Bala, on Friday August 7th, but any last minute comments can be posted on the website until August 21st.

Although the Convention's public event tour of Wales has ended, the final event having been held in Cardiff's City Hall on June 25th, there are still a number of ways to participate in the debate, including an opportunity to Twitter online.

Twittering on behalf of the All Wales Convention is its newest Executive Committee member, Efa Gruffudd Jones, chief executive of Wales' youth movement, the Urdd.  She will be using the internet's free social messaging service to stay connected in real-time with members of the public and to provide a personal insight into the workings of the Convention.

In her first Twitter entry, having just been to her first executive committee meeting, Efa wrote, "All Wales Convention Executive Committee meeting - interesting, intense and controversial.  Need to be a constitutional expert by the next meeting!"

The All Wales Convention also has a Facebook presence online,with over 700 members belonging to the group.  The group, set-up specifically to target a younger audience and speak to them in a language and format with which they are familiar, allows people to make their voices heard in the devolution debate.  Discussion boards and wall posts are the order of the day, enabling people to communicate speedily and freely with each other.

Founder of the Convention's Facebook group, Reverend Aled Edwards explains, "The All Wales Convention is keen to speak to people from all walks of life and from all parts of Wales.  Facebook is a great way of doing this."

The All Wales Convention's Executive Committee will be given a full report on the contents of the Twitter and Facebook debates and postings before considering its final conclusions and recommendations. 

Anyone wishing to submit their views formally for the Convention's Final Report should use the "Have your say" form or join the online forum.  The more traditionally inclined can phone the Convention office on 029 2089 8187 or write to the All Wales Convention c/o National Assembly of Wales, Cardiff CF99 1NA.

Efa concludes, "It doesn't matter how you communicate with us, just as long as you do so before it's too late!  Remember to get in touch before August 21st - time is ticking!".

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We would like to thank everybody who took the time to contribute to the debate through our online forum.