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Powerful voice of opinion

Welsh Assembly Government

Powerful voice of opinion

Renowned opera star Rebecca Evans has pledged her support for the work of the All Wales Convention, the organisation established to analyse the arguments for and against extra powers for the National Assembly for Wales.

The public consultation period, launched in Port Talbot’s Seaside Social and Labour Club on Wednesday January 14, will run until August 2009. It will then be up to the All Wales Convention, made up of 16 Executive Committee members and chairman Sir Emyr Jones Parry, to prepare a comprehensive report of its findings by the end of the year.

The Port Talbot event marked the first in an extensive range of open public events being held the length and breadth of Wales.  Over 60 people turned up on the night to air their views on the current law-making options available to the National Assembly for Wales and to voice their opinions on whether further powers should be devolved from Westminster. 

Sally Hyman, All Wales Convention Executive Committee member, said:

I’m from Port Talbot myself and having the first ever All Wales Convention public event in the town and gaining the vocal support of one of the area’s superstars, Rebecca Evans, is a great start for our work over the next few months.

I was very encouraged by the turnout and I’m sure the consultation will gain momentum as people the length and breadth of Wales get the opportunity to become engaged in the debate. 

The All Wales Convention is all about getting into the heart of communities throughout Wales and listening to the opinions of people from all walks of life. Even if your voice is not as well-known as Rebecca Evans’s, we, at the All Wales Convention, still want to hear it!

Rebecca Evans said:

I rely on my voice for my livelihood and I appreciate how important it is to be heard.  That is why I feel that everyone’s voice should be heard as part of the All Wales Convention. 

Having been born and raised in Pontrhydyfen I’m delighted the launch event was held in nearby Port Talbot.  Reaching out to people from all walks of life and from every part of Wales is important.  Everyone deserves a chance to get informed and get engaged in the debate.

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We would like to thank everybody who took the time to contribute to the debate through our online forum.