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Evidence gathering update

Welsh Assembly Government

Evidence gathering update

The All Wales convention aims to collect evidence about the devolution debate in a number of different ways.

Written evidence

The All Wales Convention are inviting formal written submissions responding to the consultation questions posted online, from organisations and individuals across Wales. 

The deadline for these submissions is 31 January.  However, if you would like to submit evidence but do not think you can meet the deadline then please feel free to contact us to arrange an extension.

All other forms of evidence, including online forms and email submissions will continue to be accepted, the above deadline is for formal submissions only.

Oral evidence gathering sessions

The All Wales Convention will be on the road in 2009 gathering evidence from organisations and individuals throughout Wales. We are keen to hear from everybody who wishes to present a formal submission to the Executive Committee.

The first of these sessions will be held 5 February at Cardiff City Hall in Function Room C from 09:00 - 17:00.  Anyone is welcome to attend these sessions and observe, but in order to give evidence you do have to book.  Booking for this event is now closed, but to book for further events please contact us no later than one month in advance on the date on which you would like to attend.

A list of dates for the other oral evidence gathering sessions can be found below. If you would like to present oral evidence to the Committee then please get in touch with the Secretariat no later than one month before the session that you would like to attend to book a slot.  These sessions will be by appointment only, so do sign up now if you want to be guaranteed a slot.

If you have any queries about the events, contact us.

Please note that for the evidence gathering session in Caernarfon on 26 February we have extended the deadline for people to apply to give oral evidence.  The deadline by which to book a slot for this event is now Friday 6 February.  Do not worry if you cannot come to this event, you can always book on to another event in a location near by.

  • Cardiff – 5 February
  • Caernarfon – 26 February
  • Carmarthan – 5 March
  • Swansea – 10 March
  • Cardiff – 20 March
  • Powys – 25 March
  • Newport – 2 April
  • Wrexham – 23 April
  • Cardiff – 14 May
  • Newport – 4 June
  • Cardiff – 10 June
  • Cardiff – 11 June
  • Cardiff – 25 June

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We would like to thank everybody who took the time to contribute to the debate through our online forum.